1. When I Cross It Off
    Max Bien Kahn

  2. Richard Tripps
    Richard Tripps

  3. Strings Across The Water
    Blind Dead Timmy + Lee Baggett

  4. Mrs. Calabash
    Bimsclix Atrolla

  5. Gary Owens: I Have Some Thoughts

  6. Mountain Brews
    Mountain Brews

    Peter Gilroy

  8. Be A Mermaid

  9. Two Peach Trees [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]
    Dominic Billett

  10. Anyway
    Lee Baggett

  11. Light Dreams
    Peter Gilroy

  12. Aquarium Drunkard's Lagniappe Sessions - EP
    Lee Baggett

  13. Rosy's Own
    Little Wings

  14. Gestalt
    Ryan Sambol

  15. Stay Tuned: Season 2
    Various Artists

  16. Stay Tuned: Season 1
    Various Artists

  17. Rosebud Queen
    Jessica Breanne

  18. Arlene

  19. Live + Solo
    Nat Vazer

  20. Still
    Dominic Billett

  21. Perpetual Doom Presents: Die, Die My Doomer (A Misfits Covers Charity Compilation)
    Various Artists

  22. Dead Calm
    Austin Leonard Jones

  23. Surrender At Permanent Records Roadhouse
    Austin Leonard Jones

  24. Drone Bone
    Drone Bone

  25. Mariposa Gold
    Tommy and The Ohs

  26. Ghost Approaches
    Earl Vallie

  27. Rancho Shalom
    Evan Kertman

  28. Lucky Nights
    Mila Webb

  29. Baby's Got Problems

  30. Fruit Dog
    Lee Baggett

  31. Just A Minute
    Lee Baggett

  32. The Instruction Manual

  33. Love-Ability

  34. Mushroom
    Kyle Field and Greg Olin

  35. Austin Leonard Jones / Dayton Swim Club Split
    Austin Leonard Jones / Dayton Swim Club

  36. Make It / Whererugoing
    Stephen Heath

  37. Prom (Single)
    Earl Vallie

  38. Innovations of Grave Perversity
    Eric Terino

  39. The Worst Margarita of My Life (Single)
    Mountain Brews

  40. Only The Birds
    Evan Kertman

  41. Last Call
    Gilded Lows

  42. Walk of Stars
    Gilded Lows

  43. Strange Paradise
    Sarah La Puerta

  44. The Uncharted Zone: A Perpetual Doom Tribute to UZ-TV
    Various Artists

  45. Heavenly Sister [Reissue]
    Hannah Yeun

  46. On The Floor
    Max Bien Kahn

  47. Rancho Shalom (Single)
    Evan Kertman

  48. Dawson Cemetery
    The Gral Brothers

  49. Feast of Smoke
    Feast of Smoke

    Dayton Swim Club

  51. songs for tāra
    Dominique Diglio

  52. Happy Birthday, Kenny: A Tribute to Kenny Rogers
    Various Artists

  53. The Wonder Years of Austin Leonard Jones Vol. 1 & 2
    Austin Leonard Jones

  54. Getting Stranger
    Grady Strange

  55. It's So Easy (When You Know What You're Doing): A Tribute to Ted Lucas

  56. Two Peach Trees
    Dominic Billett

  57. Nine Lives
    Phil Thomas Katt

  58. All The Same
    Max Bien Kahn & The Martians

  59. Gestalt
    Ryan Sambol

  60. Gavin Gruesome
    Stephen Heath

  61. Museum At The End of Time
    Ryan Pollie

  62. Haunted Autumn Pack (Merch Item Only)
    Little Wings

  63. Emilee Emiko EP
    Emilee Emiko

  64. Love Bomb
    Hannah Yeun

  65. Is This Offensive and Loud?
    Nat Vazer

  66. Live From The Void
    Karl Blau

  67. Rail Sing
    Ryan Sambol

  68. Golden Sounds of COVID-19
    Various Artists


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